Experian Rental exchange

Corrie Lee Associates are one of only four companies nationwide, licensed by Experian to report rent payments on behalf of agencies with up to 500 properties on management, private landlords and self-reporting tenants.

This is known as Experian’s Rental Exchange scheme. There are four main benefits to this:

  1. Tenants can finally use their most significant monthly outgoing to help build their credit history, in the same way as a mortgage payment would.  It's only fair!
  2. It encourages on-time payments.
  3. It discourages fraudulent applicants.
  4. It makes the landlord / agent's properties more attractive to genuine tenants.


We will give you everything you need to submit your rent receipts on a monthly basis.  It's a simple spreadsheet and one email a month.  We will also provide you with all the notices required to be sent to existing tenants and new applicants.  We will guide you through the whole process, which is far simpler than you might imagine.  And as to our fees?  We guarantee you will be amazed at how little this service costs.  It probably costs you more to put up one 'To Let' board!

It can even be FREE!  We offer rent reporting entirely free of charge if you use our Rent Always on Time service.  Your rent will never be late.  Ever...


Isn't it time you got the credit you deserve?  Traditionally your rent payments have not contributed to your credit worthiness.  It's a situation that is exceptionally unfair.  Why should homeowners get such a benefit from paying their mortgage payments promptly when you can pay your rent on time for years and it not count in your favour when companies need to assess your credit worthiness?  Simply put, the system as it has been discriminates. 

Now however, you have the option to change all that.  You can either ask your landlord or agent to register with us to report your rent, or simply report it yourself.  To find out how, please get in touch.  It's a very simple process and could really help you when it comes to securing credit in the future.  


So many of you study for 3-4 years and leave University with little / no credit history.  There is simply no need for this!  By self-reporting your accommodation payments, you can build your credit history while you study.  For more information, please get in touch and let's start building for your future! 



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