Frequently Asked Questions

I can get Rent Guarantee Insurance.  Why should I use Rent Always on Time?

Most Rent Guarantee Insurance policies do not allow you to make a claim for at least 28 days after the rent was due and most policies require a substantial excess.  This is not the case with our service as you are automatically paid on time, every month.  With a Rent Guarantee policy the onus is still on you to collect, or attempt to collect, the rent every month.  With our Rent Paid on Time service you never have to worry about anything to do with rent collection, arrears, claims for possession, etc…  Just sit back and be paid!

If you have vetted my tenants thoroughly, why would I need Rent Always on Time?

Because even the best tenant’s circumstances change, whether that’s simply a one off glitch, a change of pay day, change of employment status or a total breakdown in terms of either their finances or the relationship.  Whatever happens with their circumstances, your rent will be paid on time*, ensuring your ability to predict your monthly receipts with far greater accuracy.

I am an agent, can I use your services?

Of course!  Our Rent Paid on Time product will be both a time saver and an instruction winner!  We welcome and work with new agents all the time and would be delighted to assist you in providing your landlords with even more reasons to use your service.  We can also offer you tenant vetting as a stand alone service.

*Rent will be paid on the contractual date or next working day in the instance of weekends or public holidays.  If the landlord / agent consents or implies to the tenant(s) that they may pay on a different date to that specified in the tenancy agreement, that date shall be deemed to be the due date.