Rent Always on Time isn’t just a statement, it’s a promise. We at Corrie Lee Associates understand the business of letting your property. Collecting rent and dealing with rent arrears is the most taxing, tedious and time consuming part of the home renting business. We promise to save you two important things in your life - money and time.


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  • We vet the tenants
  • We register the deposit
  • We pay the rent on the due date
  • We report rent payments to Experian
  • We evict non-payers
  • We can accept existing tenancies

There are no set up fees for our standard service or charges to vet applicants, just a low monthly fee.  Corrie Lee Associates currently provide the best value for money in the marketplace and our Rent Always on Time service can be had for less than the cost of some Rental Guarantee Insurance policies. 

Remember though, Rent Always on Time offers so much more!  No chasing payments, no claims processes, no possession hearings, no excess and above all - total peace of mind.


Qualifying tenants must either be satisfactorily referenced by us, or by a reputable third party.  We can accept new and existing tenants who either meet the criteria below or have a suitable guarantor:

  • Provable household income of 2.5 x monthly rent
  • No unsatisfied CCJ’s
  • No undisclosed addresses
  • Satisfactory references